Partner Investors To Propel You To Freedom

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Partner Investors To Propel You To Freedom

Win Like A Banker

Have you ever considered being the banker?  Who was always the big winner in the game of monopoly?  No matter how many properties you might have owned, the banker was always the big winner in the game.  The reason why the banker was the big winner was because they control the money.  When you are the banker, you get to mitigate risk, make loans that fit within a pre-determined risk profile, and best of all get paid interest every month.  As a private mortgage lender or trust deed investor, you are in the same position as the banker.  You get to make the rules and have make your investment based on your risk profile.

Stimulate Your Wealth

Private Mortgage or Trust Deed investing is an excellent choice for hard working families to create generational wealth.  How?  You invest in tangible, real assets without having to leave the security of your day job and becoming a full time real estate investor.  There are so many ways to invest in deeds of trusts, and private loans.  Turnkey Capital Group  wants to educate and encourage people to look into the benefits of private lending and trust deed investing.  How can you use this investing method to diversify your portfolio?  Here are some excellent reasons someone should ADD private lending to their investment portfolio of well diversified, asset based, passive income drivers.

Why Invest With Us As Your Trust Deed Investor?

We bring a vision of community service and helping others.   We have a fiduciary responsibility to our investor partners to protect their equity investment.  We provide oversight to the project and 15 years of combined real estate investing on our team.   We offer annualized returns that consistently earn more than savings accounts, Certificates of Deposits, and bonds.   Additionally, short term trust deed investments provide a hedge against inflation to better protect your finances.

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