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What Investing With Us Means

Investing with us means that you are partnering with an experienced team who provides the industry knowledge to ensure a profitable and smooth project. We ensure that the downside of investing has contingency plans to cover any unexpected problems. Remember, your investment is secured by real estate, so that makes it safer than stock or paper investments, which can easily disappear.

Texas has easy and fast foreclosures (typically under 45 days). This means that you don’t have to wait for upwards of two years while the house wastes away. When needed, our team can take charge and take action quickly! Our vast industry experience allows us to anticipate and correct any “bumps” that may occur during the project’s execution.

Why Invest With Us


10+ years of combined experience Private Lending and Real Estate investing.


Our experience gives us unique insight in vetting the borrowers and the deal itself equals minimized risk for you!


Even with our experience, we understand we do not know it all and so we work closely with mentors within our community as two heads are better than one.


We believe in good communication as it is the key to all great relationships!

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