An Austin Private Lender Specializing in Construction Loans

We Fund 100% Of Closing Cost

We Fund 100% Of Acquisition Cost

We Fund 100% Of Construction Cost

We Pay Interest On Your Down Payment

An Austin Private Lender Specializing in Construction Loans

Knowledge, Experience, and Commitment

Our Real Estate Investors are the most experienced and qualified within their local markets of real estate development.  We value their knowledge, experience and commitment to creating a superior product.  We develop long term relationships with everyone we choose to do business with and we strive to help your business grow and scale in anyway possible.

Relationship-Focused Performance

The heart and soul of our loans, services, and products, helping real estate investors succeed, are all based on fostering lasting relationships.  We do not compete for investors business.  We outperform any other lender, local or national, and dominate the competition.  We know how hot a market Austin Texas is, and we strive to be the premier private money and hard money lender in our local market.

Grow With Turnkey Capital Group

Please take the time to review and go through our website. When you’re ready to take your real estate investing business to the next level, contact us to discuss how we can help. Your ability to access capital for your real estate investing projects is never in short supply.  We are looking for experienced, qualified, efficient team members with whom to work and truly help their business grow and expand beyond anything they could imagine!


Geographical Flexibility

While we do lend and focus on providing loans in the Austin, Texas area, we also have provided loans in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio Texas.  If you’re not local to Texas do not discount the fact that we may be willing to provide you a loan in your local area.

Responsive Relationships

Turnkey Capital Group LLC is seeking out rehabbers, builders and developers to build solid growth oriented relationships, founded upon our core principles of being Responsive to your needs, Committed to seeing you and your business succeed, and being Honest about how and what we can do to help you.

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